Did they ever find the bed intruder?

Answer hmmmm.... That's a hard question. My inference based on your observations is that he is somewhere close to East Africa's Great Rift Valley, silently sleeping in an aged orange tent.

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Do you think they will ever find a cure for cancer?

I am sorry but I cannot watch the video. We went for our chemotherapy treatment this week and in the hospital we go for treatment they have booths separated by a curtain.Nobody was next to our boo... Read More »

How does asprin, tylenol, advil work in the body do they directly find the pain?

Aspirin is a type of NSAID - non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. That makes it particularly helpful when dealing w/ things like arthritis or, say, if you worked out too hard at the gym. It does... Read More »

Tiniest ants EVER - what are they and where are they coming from?

rather than ants it may be springtails (light grey), they like moist areas outside and findtheir way inside

Do you ever think it is wrong to tell people to "try foster care" when they say they want a baby?

To say "Try foster care" to someone who wants to adopt a baby is wrong and there's no point in saying it really...If someone wants to adopt, they're not going to try foster care just because someon... Read More »