Did these laxatives work?

Answer They worked while you were taking them, but laxatives aren't a cure, they are a temporary fix. I'm guessing your doctor did some tests to make sure nothing is physically wrong, so your constipation... Read More »

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All these closed door conversations at work...These Corporate Whores are preparing to can me, aren't they?

Just had another one fired here today as well... I feel ya, Wilbur... by my estimation I'm about number three with a target on my back right now. The bastard whose name I won't use (okay it's Sande... Read More »

Do these outfits work?

Yes! Those are very cute, especially for school! (but ive been known to sport some pretty tiny shorts lol) You have lovely taste.

Would these pc components work?

Yes, those components will all work very well together, and you will have a beast of a PC. Only reccomendation i would say is get this memory kit instead:…... Read More »

Are these good work boots?

Yes they are great boots and I have used Wolverine boots in the pass plus they have a great sole that will last a long time on all surfaces and they're comfortable as well..