Did the war in Korea represent a triumph or a failure of US foreign policy?

Answer The US held the line at the 38th Parallel. South Korea is a highly productive nation today. Nothing succeeds like success!

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How was the US decision to send troops to Korea a triumph for US foreign policies?

The Commander-in-chief of the Army, Augusto Pinochet, led the coup d'état of 1973 in Chile. However, they didn't kill or capture Allende, he committed suicide before that.

What was the US foreign policy in Korea?

the United States will go to war if necessary in order to preserve the freedom of the seas and to protect neutral shipping from attacks.

Was US foreign policy successful in Korea?

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Cold war and the failure of US foreign policy?

Answer 1 Well... Kind of! Because they are jealous of England and they just really want to start a war with us but they know that if they did, they would get there asses kicked!! Answer 2 The quest... Read More »