How to Fly in Saints Row 2?

Answer Saints Row 2 is the second part of the Saints Row series. Set in the city of Stilwater, the gamer plays as the nameless leader of the 3rd Street Saints gang. Saints Row 2 allows you an unprecedente... Read More »

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How to Emulate the Saints?

Saints are some of the best role models for people to follow. If you would like to learn some suggestions on how to be more like them, please read on.

How to Get a Cop Outfit in Saints Row 2 for PS3?

Snag a cop’s uniform for a change of pace in “Saints Row 2” for the PlayStation 3. While you’ll spend most of the game killing rival gang members and breaking the law, you can take part in ... Read More »

How to Beat Saints Row 2?

In Saints Row 2, you play the protagonist, who has been in a coma for several months after the end of Saints Row. You escape from jail to find that your gang, the 3rd Street Saints, is back on the ... Read More »

How to Get Badges in Saints Row 2?

"Saints Row 2" is your basic open-world, crime-based video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In single-player mode, you can earn Achievements (Xbox 360) or Trophies (PlayStation 3), but mult... Read More »