Did the pilots on navy ships fall under the army air corp or navy?

Answer interesting question. they fall under the navy, not the airforce.

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Did the pilots during World War 2 that flew off the navy carriers fall under the army air corp or where they navy?

The Navy has always flown its own aircraft on aircraft carriers, since the first carrier was commissioned March 20th, 1922. There have been other types of aircraft flown on/off carriers by the army... Read More »

Does the US Army have more ships then the US Navy?

Absolutely not - the U.S. Navy currently has the largest afloat Navy in the world, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, no other nation is even close in size or strength. Army ships are gene... Read More »

Does the army have more ships than the navy?

Who has more ships: the Navy or Army?

As of June 2010, the Army had a vessel fleet of 80 ships, including a variety of people-moving vessels and mechanical ships. However, there were 254 actively working Navy ships.Source:Naval Vessel ... Read More »