Did the doctor behave professionally with my girlfriend?

Answer Some doctors will just ask you to lift your top up, but they have to have skin contact to get a good connection on the stethoscope also he was probably looking to see where her breathing was coming... Read More »

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How to Behave With a Jealous Girlfriend?

Have you ever felt that feeling like you just wanted to shove a sock down your girlfriend's throat because she won't stop yapping about this "girl" who she's so jealous about? She'd fight you over ... Read More »

How to Behave Professionally on Social Media?

Once upon a time, a well articulated resume and interview were enough to land you the job. That was before Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Today, both clients and recruiters look beyond a nicely pr... Read More »

My girlfriend has contracted lockjaw, doctor is giving her Tetanus Toxoid Absorbed 5 LF Injection and it seems?

Has the doctor ever been in love with his companion in Doctor Who?

The Doctor loves all of his companions. You can argue either way if he's been 'in love with' any of his companions. Two and Jamie were very close, as were Three and Jo, Four and Sarah Jane, Five an... Read More »