Watch New York Jets vs New York Giants live stream, gaints v jets online NFL?

Answer No i haven't come to the right place since you didn't link anyone to anyplace.

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In Avatar the Last Airbender Book Two episode 34 The City of Walls and Secrets during Zuko and Jets battle Zuko cuts Jets straw in half when doing that his fire is blue why is that?

Its not fire, it is just the swords going in slow motion. If you look ahead to when Zuko and Jet are fighting back to back you will see that both of them sometimes have those flashes, so it is also... Read More »

How to Replace Spa Jets?

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How to Troubleshoot Hot Tub Jets?

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How do I clean the jets in my Spa?

That is a whole bunch of questions! As it happens, we also have a Sundance spa, c. 1998. To clean the jets: Typically, they are limed up if they are clogged - and getting through that needs an acid... Read More »