I got braces yesterday and all i ate yesterday was mac n cheese but can i go ahead and eat harder foods wo/pai?

Answer My sister said to wait like a day or 2, So you can get used to them.Just it Soft foods for now until it feels like you dont even notice you have them anymore.

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I sat on a bee yesterday....?

Don't you know you're not supposed to sit on bees? lol Make a mixture of baking soda and a little bit of water and put it on the sting mark. The baking soda will draw out the stinger.

Why did I faint yesterday?

You could be anemic, but the knee blow to the head could've done it too

I just got a new tattoo yesterday.?

Putting Lubriderm on an unhealed tattoo is like putting Lubriderm on a freshly skinned knee. Would you put lotion on a freshly skinned knee? No. It's not a good idea to go straight to using Lubride... Read More »

I took 10 panadol yesterday?

You should always stick to the manufacturers recommendations. They are there for your safety. You may well have caused your current nausea by doing this. It won't kill you on this occasion, especia... Read More »