Did someone invent food?

Answer When the primitive people were still monkeys - they got hungry. What was not poison - was food. Cooked food came into being the same way. If the raw state was no good (bugs, spoilage, etc.) then t... Read More »

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Why did NASA invent baby food?

NASA didn't at first try and make enriched baby food. They first wanted to make an algae that would help with recycling in long space explorations. The baby food came out of this, because when the ... Read More »

Why won't someone invent a sarcasm-detector?

I hate when you ask a question on here and everyone takes it seriously.I asked if it's normal for my penis to turn black after taking penis enlargement pills and people though I was serious. *sigh*

Could someone please invent a Thought Recorder for me?

I used to want one of the pens with a digital recorder, but i could never bring myself to buy one. They were overpriced and didn't really record much.But now my cell phone has a voice memo feature... Read More »

Cats are my neighbours from Hell. Can someone invent something to stop them using my garden as their toilet?

What's your problem? Cat's bury their toilet. Chill out, what's a bit of cat poo under your soil!