Did sheep come from the new world or old world?

Answer Sheep are descendants of the mouflon species that were domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia between 8000 and 9000 BC. Christopher Columbus and other explorers to the Americas brought sheep with the... Read More »

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Did sugar cane come from the new world or old world?

According to the Sugar Knowledge International website the first use of sugar by man was in the old world across countries such as India. In 510 B.C. the Persian Emperor Darius discovered sugar can... Read More »

Did peppers come from the new world or the old world?

All of the capsicum peppers--including habenero, chile, cayenne and pimiento--are native to the Central and South America. They were introduced to the Old World, or Europe, Africa and Asia, by Chri... Read More »

Did bananas come from the new world or old world?

The banana is an "old world" fruit that originated in the southeast Asian country of Malaysia. Over the centuries bananas were introduced to other regions of the world. Bananas are now grown in pla... Read More »

Did chocolate come from the New World or the Old World?

Chocolate came from the New World, as cacao beans (from which chocolate is made) originate from the upper Amazon basin. The Aztecs and Mayans were among the first to make chocolate drinks.Source:In... Read More »