Did samsung company invent the 3D tv?

Answer Yes but i don't know who.

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Is it better to buy a 3D blu-ray player for a TV of the same company(Samsung) or different company?

There is no need to stay with the same brand. When it comes to TV's and Blu-Ray players it can be ok to have the same brand but in some other areas it's actually not ok. Speakers for example... ... Read More »

Why can't a pharmaceutical company invent a drug to stop an over active bladder without causing diarrhea?

Sure, but there is a risk of mild lactation and obsessive gambling.

Who is samsung LCD TV parent company?

Which company makes better TV's Samsung or LG?

Both are trusted brands when it comes to tv manufacturing. Samsung is more popular but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are better. With regard to the new smart 3d tvs, samsung is a leader w... Read More »