What rights do you have to see a half sister after your mother divorced her new husband?

Answer Answer If you have a close bond with your half sister and you live in the same State you have ever right to visit with her. Sit down an express your feelings to your mother and go from there.

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If your husband adopts your kids would he have to pay childsupport if you divorced?

My husband wants to adopt my son. My exhusband waivered his rights once we were divorced so that ins't the issue. How much does it cost in California to do this?

I'm not certain this answers the question as it was intended, but hopefully it helps.This is purely speculative on my part, but qualified nonetheless by my having originated within a dysfunctional ... Read More »

Your husband does not pay support and wants to sign over his parental rights and get divorced you want that too Can you do that in PA?

Answer All of that is covered in the new procedures of Washington State Divorce Court. Most Book store carry Do It Yourself Divorce Books that will have all the guidlines according to the state in... Read More »

Your ex husband adopted your daughter when you divorced he signed his rights away if he dies does she still get any benefits?

Unless the birth mother is the subject of a conservatorship, she should be able to consent without her parents' approval. But some birth mothers will honor their parents' wishes, even though they a... Read More »