If you are receiving full disability from your own work experience can you apply for your first husband's disability when you are divorced from your second husband?

Answer Answer Are you talking about Social Security Disability? It would depend on if you were married 10 years or longer and how much your receiving compared to what you might get on your husband's benef... Read More »

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If your husband adopts your kids would he have to pay childsupport if you divorced?

What rights do you have to see a half sister after your mother divorced her new husband?

Answer If you have a close bond with your half sister and you live in the same State you have ever right to visit with her. Sit down an express your feelings to your mother and go from there.

Your husband does not pay support and wants to sign over his parental rights and get divorced you want that too Can you do that in PA?

Answer All of that is covered in the new procedures of Washington State Divorce Court. Most Book store carry Do It Yourself Divorce Books that will have all the guidlines according to the state in... Read More »

How to Receive My Divorced Husband's Social Security Retirement?

You may be eligible to receive your divorced husband's Social Security benefits if they are more than you qualify for based on your own work history and you were married for at least 10 years. You ... Read More »