Did people find how to use Wikipedia while it was down?

Answer I found I was able to use it just fine on my phone, and my sister was able to access it on hers, too. I think it only works on mobile devices.

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If Wikipedia shut down, would people still reply on Yahoo! Answers?

i never use it for answers, but c'mon people ask some really ridiculous questions here when a simple yahoo/google search could answer their own questions without having to rely on others.

Do you find that people rush to help you in department stores while less attractive people continue to wait?

Yes and that's really nice of them but the guy with the tazer and bullhorn yelling at the other shoppers to maintain a 30 foot buffer around me really kind of embarrasses me. I don't like to draw ... Read More »

Why do people find it necessary to answer questions with wikipedia?

Today, I've answered (sarcastically, of course) two very peculiar questions. One was along the lines of "which country dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima" and the other was "Did Fidel Castro win ... Read More »

How can I find people listed as serving in a specific battle/war on Wikipedia?

There does not seem to be helpful categories for what you seek. It would be good to add them. Here are some searches and lists which should get you off to a good start:* Read More »