Did kristy mcnichol have incest with her brother?

Answer Yes

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Why adult sister sitting on brother's lap is looked as incest by some people even when it is done with innocent intent - Can't brother sister have some fun time and so what if they are adults?

ignore those people. They have filthy minds and enjoy thinking ill of others. Your family know what is right.

Is brother-in-law with sister-in-law incest?

At times in the past, and still today in some religious groups, a marriage between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law was considered to be incest. That is not widely the case today.Since they are... Read More »

Is it incest if you masturbate your brother?

This would be considered abuse and incestuous. There are laws on sexual abuse and incest so it is not recommended to try this.

If you have a child with a woman and your brother has a child with her sister is that incest?