Did john f Kennedy have any brothers or sisters?

Answer Yes

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Does Elton John have any brothers or sisters?

Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947, to Stanley and Sheila (Harris) Dwight. His parents divorced when he was 15. His father remarried and had four sons who are his half br... Read More »

How many brothers or sisters did John Steinbeck have?

John Steinbeck had three sisters: Elizabeth, Esther and Mary. Elizabeth and Esther were born before John and Mary was born three years after John. John Steinbeck did not have any brothers, accordin... Read More »

Why generally brothers are usually least concerned with sisters while sisters always show love and care towards brothers and expect same from him but mostly end up getting hurt?

Girls usually are more keen to show their emotions and to show their love and care for a sibling, a friend, a family member et cetera et cetera. Boys are not that way. They usually keep their feeli... Read More »

How is the relationship between brothers and sisters on the prairie compared to brothers and sisters now?