Did jade (the one who made the YouTube video) die?

Answer this is so sad. Think before you say something hurtful to someone else. It may look like they’re okay, but theyâ... Read More »

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Have you made a YouTube video of your own?

yes i have made 3 videos………

I just made this video on youtube?

Hey, I watched, commented and rated =]Your really pretty btw =]

I just made the most awesome video on YouTube?

You will need to mention it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and your website.You will need to develop a relationship with other producers who make similar videos on YouTube. Make thoughtful comme... Read More »

I Was Surfing Youtube And Came Across A Confessions Video That My Sister Made?

You should but approach her in a concerned way with a worried tone also tell her you found the video online when u were scrolling YouTube.