Did i upgrade or downgrade my graphics card?

Answer The Quadro 600 uses a NV34 core. It's basically a workstation-grade GeForce 5200. You made a downgrade.

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Can I upgrade my graphics card?

According to the Dell site, your system accepts PCI-Express video cards so you can use pretty much any modern video card (the PCI-Express spec is forward/backward compatible). Given you have a 375... Read More »

How to upgrade a graphics card?

Hey! (I copied this from my other Answer but changed it a bit the other guy almost have the same PC as you) Yes that graphic card you have now is the HD 4350 which isn't for gaming. I use to have t... Read More »

Upgrade graphics card?

It's a little more expensive than most 7770's, but if you get the XFX 7770 double dissapation (… you will not be disappointed.Or you could get the Asus HD ... Read More »

Graphics card upgrade advice?

Well, the Radeon HD 48xx cards were notorious for running extremely hot. Actually the Radeon HD 4870 is roughly equivalent to a Radeon HD 5770/6770, so most midrange cards in the $125-$150 range w... Read More »