Did i take too much medicine?

Answer Just follow the directions next time and no worries.

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Is it bad to take too much asthma medicine?

Answer It is dangerous to take "too much" of any medicine. You should only take what your doctor prescribes. If your symptoms are getting worse and not helped by your current medication, than you... Read More »

How much medicine do aids victims need to take?

On One Hand: Choose a ComboHIV/AIDS patients have several options of medications to choose from in order to suppress the viral load in their bodies and keep their immune systems functioning normall... Read More »

Is there medicine I can take to stop farting as much or as smelly?

Review what you're eating and then search for gas-causing foods. Beano is effective for many people due to it's active enzyme. You might consider taking a robust probiotic with billions of good b... Read More »

Do you think Ayurvedic medicine is more effective or is much better as compared to chinese medicine?

they are both highly over rated. The primitive beliefs of the people from a country where the life expectancy is so very short are NOT a fertile ground for finding medical wisdom