Did i start my period (girls only)?

Answer Yes. My first period was like that. Your period blood can be a copper brown(old blood), bright or dark red, and purplish black(blood that hasn't been oxygenated). I would say that this is your fir... Read More »

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Girls only! No period for 6 mounths?

i know somebody who has experienced the same thing. it could be cuz ur really skinny or something or not healthy at the moment

Period Question! (Girls Only ;)?

If you notice these things, It's a good sign that you will start your period in the next 2 months or so. A big clue to when you will start is an increase in your usual discharge a few days before y... Read More »

Girls Only Period Question!!?

It depends what you prefer, pads or tampons?But whatever you choose make sure it's high absorbency.Take tablets for your cramps, you will be more comfortable.I would personally wear a pad as i'm mo... Read More »

Possibly a period Girls only!?

First off this answer depends on how old you are. Second it could be many things only a doctor would know but from the information that you have giving it sounds like you are about to start your pe... Read More »