Why do people in the US often confuse parental choice and personal choice, regarding infant circumcision.?

Answer People who say it's a "personal choice" or "mind your own business" simply have not sat down and calmly pondered the idea of letting their son choose for himself what HE wants with HIS body. It's s... Read More »

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What make is the best choice for an LCD tv?

goto bestbuy they have the knowlege and they will help you set it up

How to Make a Difficult Choice on Getting Something?

You want to get two things but you can only get one. Here is how to pick which one to get

How can I make the best choice in a IRA account.?

Your choices are a traditional IRA where you get a tax deduction up front, but pay taxes on the money as it comes out of the account in retirement, or a Roth IRA where you get no deduction up front... Read More »

Does my choice of case work with my choice of gpu?

The case is just the outer shell of a computer which protects it from moisture, shock and prevents people from stepping on it. Any casing will work, it just groups all the computer parts into 1 so ... Read More »