Did i fracture my arm?

Answer go to the emergency and get an x ray, the only way you can tell for sure

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Fracture or Bruising?

You may have damaged your eye i would go to hospital!!

Is there a fracture ?

Your ankle could very well have a hair line crack or even worse in it - sorry. The only way to tell is to go and have it x-rayed. You should certainly not be trying to run on it even if it is spra... Read More »

How to Assess a Rib Fracture?

Rib fractures are perhaps the most difficult to discover. Any severe trauma to the chest area will be so painful that the patient will certainly feel like he or she has some broken ribs. Depending ... Read More »

Did I fracture the top of my foot?

It could be or a bad bruise this may sound weird but sometimes bruise hurt more than breaks so id ice it but if you still fell discomfort is go to the doctor you could of cracked a bone or sprained... Read More »