Reasons Kids Fail Math?

Answer Mathematics is made up of several subjects, including abstract algebra, calculus, statistics, geometry and complex analysis. The four thinking standards that are involved in mathematics are connect... Read More »

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How do i fail an eye test?

Read all the letters wrong and keep saying...I can't see it.Then again,you may end up with very strong lenses that actually hurt your eyes.Why don't you just buy some cool frames and have your doct... Read More »

I need to fail my eye test?

I wouldn't recomment trying to fail the test - we have ways to tell if you're lying. How do you think we can prescribe glasses for very small children? We don't necessarily need your input to tel... Read More »

How to Not Fail a Test in School?

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What do you do if you fail a test and don't want to tell your parents?

Physical therapy, speech therapy, and other types of developmental therapy will help the child reach his or her potential.