Did i eat bad today Please answer!?

Answer no, i wouldn't say so.even if it WAS bad, having one junk food day won't do anything to won't automatically gain 15 yeah, you should be fine [:just eat a healthy dinner.

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What was tripper's answer today?

What was Hot seat answer on today's who wants to be a millionaire?

What happend at Boston today Plz answer?

Bombing at the Boston Marathon. They think it was ore than one bomb.

What are the waxx words and tripper answer today Thank you?

WAXX Words:6:12 - Happy7:12 - Smile9:12 - Fun1:12 - Exciting 4:12 - JollyHo ChunkTrivia w/Alex & Cora - BORINGTripper Trivia - WASHINGTON MONUMENT Before They Were Famous - Two Guys, a Girl and a P... Read More »