Did i do a good job photoshopping this girls hair?

Answer It looks rather green-ish.looks fake, not gonna lie.but not bad for your first timejust keep trying, you'll get it with practice

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Do girls find this hair attractive...?

Yea, It's ok, I am no expert on that though, Here are some ideas for you thoughKorean (Asian) Hairstyles For Both Male And Female…New Asian Male Hairstyleh... Read More »

Long hair good on me (for girls)?

No. It makes you look washed out, and quite young.Cut it. It would be much more flattering. :)

Does red hair look good on girls?

What color EXACTLY is this girls hair *Pretty Easy 10 Points*?

I would say either a dark chestnut or a chocolate brown color. You could show your stylist/colorist a picture of the girl, though, just to be safe.