Did i bruised my knee bone?

Answer well bruises can only occur on tissue (muscle, skin) not on bone, its probably a micro-fracture. When bones are hit with enough force but not enough to completely fracture them tiny fractures calle... Read More »

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My knee is swollen and bruised on the lower kneecap i fell rollerblading its been a week and its still swollen and bruised it hurts to extend it im 13 years old whats wrong?

It is going to take a few weeks for the swelling to go down. Go see a doctor to have an x-ray and a MRI done to make sure that you did not tear anything in your knee. I also hurt my knee cap a mont... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the bone that's connected to the knee bone?

The knee bone, also known as the patella, is directly connected to the tibia, or shin bone. The connection is made by the patellar ligament, which runs from the bottom of the patella to the tibial ... Read More »

How long can the knee bone rub a bone without surgery?

On One Hand: Get the Surgery Right AwayThe reason a knee rubs on a bone is usually because of cartilage loss. Because cartilage acts as the lubricant to joints, movement without it cushioning the k... Read More »

How to heal a bruised bone?

If you don't like the pain, take a bit more more heavy painkillers like diclofenac (compared to aspirin etc. ) for a short while. If you want to take diclofenac take a higher dosage first like 100m... Read More »