Did i accidently buy this!!?

Answer I took that same iq test online, don't worry, you haven't given them enough info. If by any chance they contac you just delete the message and be 'incommunocado.'

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I just got a new cd and i accidently the whole thing is this bad?

what??? Bad language or bad as in it doesnt work? If you are under 16, and it has explicit lyrics, yu can take it back and tell them it has explicit lyrics and they should have ID you. If it is bad... Read More »

I accidently bought scented Always maxi pads, Will this increase a yeast infection?

Easy answer. No. They will not "increase" a yeast infection, and they will not cause or increase your chances of getting one.SOMETIMES, scented feminine products can cause irritations or rashes, i... Read More »

I accidently my 4S. How do I fix it?

Ok, you are odviously greatly distresses as you are leaving out all the words that would actually tell us the problem or how you caused it. But as a blanket answer. Press and hold the power button ... Read More »

Ate glass accidently?

dont worry nothing you can do if you sallowed it it ill b e small enough for ur stomach to break down normally