Did hitler run a chicken restaurant at some point If so, was it Kosher?

Answer It was a Chick fil a.

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How to Find a Kosher Restaurant?

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Did adolf hitler like chicken and king prawn fried rice?

I met him once, in a little Chinese restaurant in a small town called Dusseldorf, Germany, way back in what must be July 1943. He was sitting with Eva Braun and they were enjoying bowls of steamin... Read More »

Is there any kosher or halal restaurant/provision shop at Lake Geneva & Lausanne area?

Yes, there is:…

How much Iodized salt should I use instead of Kosher salt for brining chicken breasts?

The same amount as it will make very little difference.If you are a bit concerned about the saltiness whichever you use you can use a little less. I tend to go by eyeDune