How do you clean a really, really dirty toilet?

Answer be smart, replace it

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How can I clean a really stained toilet?

ZUD or Barkeepers' Friend. Either one contains oxalic acid that will dissolve mineral stains. Use with a 3M scrubby pad. Don't use SULPHURIC acid it will react and crack the toilet with the heat... Read More »

Is there anything you really can catch from a toilet seat?

Crabs, Hepatitis, and there are a few other STD's widely available at your nearest public toilet. Credit cards and cheques accepted. Discounts available with multiple purchases

What's the best cleaner to use for a really stained toilet bowl?

CLR or bleach powder should sure to drain the bowl first (send a bucket of water down to get the water level down.)If the stain is that strong, leave some bleach in the bowl overnight.How... Read More »