Do birds have hair or feathers?

Answer All birds have feathers instead of hair. Birds are the only animals with feathers. The purpose of feathers on a bird is to help it fly and keep it warm. Birds also use their feathers for camouflage... Read More »

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How many feathers does the average turkey have?

Mature turkeys have about 3,500 feathers and weigh 15 to 30 pounds, depending on whether the turkey is a hen or a tom. Turkey feathers are ground up for animal feed and fertilizer, and can also be ... Read More »

How many feathers does an adult turkey have?

A mature adult turkey typically has about 3,500 feathers covering all parts of its body except for its eyes, beak and feet. This number can vary slightly based on the gender and size of the bird.So... Read More »

How many tail feathers does a peacock have?

A peacock is the male species of the bird family known as the peafowl. It has about 200 long tail feathers which are made up of bold greenish-blue colors with eye-shaped spots. Only the males have ... Read More »