Did christiaan barnard have siblings and parents?

Answer Yes, Christiaan Barnard did have siblings and parents.In-fact he had four brothers and a mom and dad

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How many siblings did Christiaan Huygens have?

I know he had 2 brothers, Constantijn (Jr. or II) the oldest and Lodewijk the youngest, but im pretty sure he also had a little sister

Who is legally next of kin in the UK if an individuals parents have died and whose siblings have been disowned?

The will should have a clause in it as where the money goes. The parents could leave the money to their own parents (if alive); their own children; a church or charity.

Do keisha cole siblings have the same parents?

Can a siblings with the same parents have differing RH factors?

I have a rhesus negative blood group and my sister has rhesus posotive. Does this mean we have different fathers