Did chatwing have an Admin controlled feature?

Answer Yes, you will have the full admin controls like real-time message delete, ban users, set banned word lists and so on. All the features you currently see will be available. As far as login options, ... Read More »

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Can i have 2 Admin users on Windows 7?

You can have as many administrator accounts as you wish on Windows 7. There must be at least one.

How do you change the background on the chatwing chatbox?

The Chatwing background is very easy to change, i have customized mine with different colors and styles for all the various texts. Once your logged in from your admin dashboard just select which ch... Read More »

Do outdoor pools have thermostats that are controlled by air temperature?

%DETAILS% Answer No. It would be very uncommon for a thermostat to determine whether to turn the pool heater on based on the outdoor AIR temperature. All pool thermostats monitor the WATER tempera... Read More »

Can I Use The chatwing app to chat with people on the website?

Yes, I use chatwing on my website and it works great. I also use Chatwing with my friends using the direct link i created, which works nice too.It is very simple to install, t... Read More »