Did chatwing have an Admin controlled feature?

Answer Yes, you will have the full admin controls like real-time message delete, ban users, set banned word lists and so on. All the features you currently see will be available. As far as login options, ... Read More »

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How many minutes or second did chatwing can install? doesn't look to be a large program but I don't see anything specific to the length it takes to install it on your system. The time consuming part, I'd imagine, would be ge... Read More »

Does chatwing only work with certain browsers?

I have used it in all browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and it's great.Also, works perfect on my mobile browsers :)

How do you change the background on the chatwing chatbox?

The Chatwing background is very easy to change, i have customized mine with different colors and styles for all the various texts. Once your logged in from your admin dashboard just select which ch... Read More »

Can I Use The chatwing app to chat with people on the website?

Yes, I use chatwing on my website and it works great. I also use Chatwing with my friends using the direct link i created, which works nice too.It is very simple to install, t... Read More »