Did barney kill somebody?

Answer No, Barney didn't kill anybody

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How do you kill Barney?

Hire Freddy Kreguer or better yet, Chuck Norris Because they will kill him no matter what because they have goals to kill someone!

What happens when you kill barney?

You cannot kill Barney, as he is a fictional character. However, if Barney were a real person, you would go to prison if you were to kill him.

Can sonic kill barney?

How can barney the backyard show be the first episode of barney if on a day at the beach the didn't even know who barney was?

a day at the beach was suppose to be the 1st episode. the directer forgot to film a day at the beach 1st. I am guessing that the backyard gang had no idea. but trust me. I had the same question whe... Read More »