Did anyone buy a brand new Panasonic BD65P-K Blue Ray player and was missing the HDMI cable?

Answer They are not included. You have to purchase them

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How do you connect hdmi cable to plasma tv and blue ray DVD player?

Which connection is better An RGB(red,green,blue)component cable or an HDMI for a DVD player on an LCD TV?

HDMI, one cable that carries both video and audio, and is recommended for HDTV's

What is the difference between Panasonic 65ef-k blue ray playerand the Panasonic 65eb-k blue ray player?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. A DVD is a standard definition video source with either 480 or 576 lines of information in the picture. Playing a standard definition video source on high definition equi... Read More »

What's the best HDMI cable brand?

Do you want to buy a cable or buy a brand? Any cable that meets the HDMI specification will work just as well as any other cable that meets the spec. That's because the signal is digital. The cheap... Read More »