Who has the best air force today?

Answer The U K's RAF is definitely the best and it was the first air force in the world making it the most experienced. Many countries have excellent air forces and there are many factors that affect the... Read More »

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How many US Air force personnel are there today?

How many enlisted men and women in the Air Force today?

I don't know how old this question is but it's the same with all u.s. Military but a (E-1) privet makes 2500 a year but you can only be a (E-1) privet for a year and thats with out and bonuses

What is Howard Air Force Base being used for today?

Up front, this is at best a guess: the US Army used to permit blousing of BDU pants, however in the '80's an order came down prohibiting the practice. The explanation given was that blousing precip... Read More »

Can you become an Air Force Combat Rescue Officer form the Air Force Academy?

Yes, although the selection is extremely difficult.There are three "Special Forces" jobs available for Air Force Academy graduates, Special Tactics Officer, Air Liaison Officer, and Combat Rescue O... Read More »