When did Verizon buy out Alltel?

Answer Verizon Wireless purchased Alltel Corporation in early June 2008. The purchase moved Verizon Wireless ahead of AT&T in number of subscribers, making it the largest cellular service provider in the ... Read More »

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Can you use a Verizon phone on Alltel servers?

In early 2009, Verizon bought Alltel Communications. Your Verizon cell phone will work through Alltel servers and its wireless network without a problem. Certain parts of the United States are list... Read More »

Can you use your Verizon UT8010 with Alltel?

You can't use the Verizon UT8010 on the Alltel Wireless network, because Alltel Wireless doesn't exist anymore. In early 2009, Verizon bought out Alltel. Most of the Alltel Wireless network markets... Read More »

Can a Verizon android phone be unlocked for use on alltel?

A smartphone that uses the Android operating system. Androids are available for GSM or CDMA cellular technologes. In 2011, dual-mode Android phones that support both were introduced.

Will an Alltel phone work on the Verizon network?

An Alltel phone does work on the Verizon network. There was a merger between the two companies. All Alltel phones will work within the Verizon network, according to Alltel... Read More »