How to Lead Like Thomas Jefferson?

Answer Like many historic leaders, Thomas Jefferson was a man who didn’t fit into a specific mold, sometimes favoring ideas that were unpopular at the time. Jefferson was considered to be a visionary, o... Read More »

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How to Make a Thomas Jefferson Wig?

If you need a Thomas Jefferson wig, or any other wig from the Colonial era, to portray the culture and society of that period, read more to learn how to make a Thomas Jefferson wig. These easy to f... Read More »

Is Thomas Jefferson on the nickel?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson is featured on the nickel. Jefferson was the third president of the United States. The image of Jefferson is based on a portrait painted by Rembrandt Peale.References:U.S. Min... Read More »

What coin is Thomas Jefferson on?

Since 1938, a bust of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson has appeared on the obverse, or "heads," side of the nickel. Jefferson's Virginia home, Monticello, is depicted on the other side.References:U.... Read More »

Who was thomas jefferson married to?

Thomas Jefferson's wife was Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. They married on January 1, 1772. After suffering complications from the birth of their sixth child, she died on September 6, 1781, at ag... Read More »