Did Thomas Alva Edison invent the photograph?

Answer No, he invented the phonograph and the tin foil phonogragh.I got this information on this website:\

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When did thomas Alva Edison invent the movie projector?

Thomas Alva Edison invented and patented the movie protector in 1891, making it possible to take, reproduce and project images. During his lifetime, he received 1,368 patents on his inventions. He ... Read More »

When did Thomas Alva Edison invent the electric light bulb?

Thomas Edison improved the electric light bulb in 1879. The first light bulb he created ran on direct current. Edison collaborated with Nikola Tesla to create an electrical system to make the light... Read More »

When did thomas alva edison discover the light bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb in 1879, while others were trying to accomplish the same task. Edison's United States patent was issued on January 27, 1880. "Edison Electric Lig... Read More »

In which year was the stock ticker invented by Thomas Alva Edison?

Edward Calahan invented the first stock ticker, a device that transmits the value of stocks and bonds, in 1863. Thomas Edison created an updated version of the stock ticker in 1867, which a company... Read More »