Did Stephanie Kwolek have siblings?

Answer She had two brothers although I do not know what there names were.

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What did Stephanie Kwolek discover?

Stephanie Kwolek is perhaps best know for inventing Kevlar, a synthetic fiber with exceptional strength and stiffness, used in ropes, cables, tires and hundreds of other applications. She was the f... Read More »

How old is Stephanie from lazytown?

She is in fact 19. Her birthday is May 26, 1991 (1991-05-26) (age 19)

How old is lazytown the Stephanie?

I think that she's 11 or 10 around that age anyway

What is the origin of the name Stephanie?

The girl's name Stephanie traces its roots to the feminine form of the Greek name Stephen, which means crown or garland. The name of the first Christian martyr, Stephen, and its Latin feminine form... Read More »