Did Sharon Tate baby get cut out her?

Answer No that is a rumor Sharon tates baby did not die of stab wounds and he wasnt cut out of her. The baby died inside his mother from lack of oxygen. I read that the guy who perform the autospy removed... Read More »

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Are the Sharon Tate crime scene photos really graphic?

Yes they are. I couldn't stand to look at them and I have a strong stomach.

Sharon Public Schools in Sharon, Pennsylvania?

The city of Sharon, Penn., sits along the state's western border, about 1 mile east of the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line and 80 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Settlers first occupied the area in 180... Read More »

Does catherine tate have siblings?

Be patient with your little sister. I take it you are the older sister, so did it ever occur to you that you are her mentor and she just wants to grow up and be like you. Just ignore the missing cl... Read More »

In the Catherine Tate show what does the class say to the teachers at the beginning?