Apostle Paul Children's Activities?

Answer The Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament, which makes him a popular Bible study topic. The information on Paul's life is plentiful and the New Testament s full of his adventures and epistl... Read More »

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When was apostle Paul born?

The apostle Paul, or Saul of Tarsus, was born into an Israelite family of the tribe of Benjamin. Paul was born approximately 2 A.D., or a few years after Jesus Christ was Read More »

Why do women with low self esteem and body image issues hate on confident women?

The answer is simply in the question. (: Because they have low self esteem, they feel that confident women are cocky, when they may truly not be cocky. When people have low self esteem or poor view... Read More »

Don't you just hate women drivers!!!!!!?

Agree , the rearview mirror is an extension of their loo. They certainly don't used it for any safety reasons!!. They groom their hair , pick their teeth , put on their lip gloss , and even pluck ... Read More »

The Top 10 Things Men Hate about your Makeup - I want to hear from both Men and Women!?

I agree that most of it does apply to most guys, but I don't personally agree with certain bits. For example: unlike most men, I do notice very small details. But again, most men certainly do not. ... Read More »