Did Paul Bunion have a bunion Yes?

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A question about a bunion (..Yay!)?

If your concerned then see your GP. You are not wasting his/ her time because some people even go to see doctors about coughs and I think a bunion is worse than the common cough. I'm sure he/ she w... Read More »

Bunion Comfort & Prevention?

Most people rely on their feet to get them around, so foot health and comfort are important. Bunions are a painful condition of the feet, but you can take some steps to ease the situation.

Recovery From a Bunion Screw Removal?

Your surgeon stabilizes the joint in your foot with a screw after bunion removal. Once healing has taken place, the screw can be surgically removed. Recovery after this procedure may take several m... Read More »

In Willa Cather's short story Paul's Case what are Paul's tattered clothes a symbol of?

Paul's tattered clothes can be a symbol of him being sick and tired of his mundane life. Paul constantly fantasized living a lavish life like the lives of those he saw at Carnegie Hall, and he is s... Read More »