Did James Armistead have any siblings?

Answer Tell your parents.

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Who was James Armistead?

James Armistead served under the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution. Armistead, an African American slave, posed as a British spy throughout the conflict. His work eventually helpe... Read More »

Who was James Armistead Lafayette?

With the permission of his owner, slave James Armistead joined the American Continental Army in 1781 and served as a spy under General Lafayette. Assuming the guise of a runaway slave, Armistead (w... Read More »

Did James Wright have any siblings?

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Did James butler bonham have siblings?

I have recently had two dark clotty light periods with 8 days in-between them , My first bleeding lasted around 5 days (my normal period is 7 days) ,it was dark brown in colour sometimes being redd... Read More »