Did I sprain something?

Answer It could b sprained but it wouldnt be a serious one since you can still walk :) you should just rest it and ice it, you dont want to hurt it anymore. If it is still bothering you in few weeks or i... Read More »

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Did i sprain my hand?

Chances are the area is just bruised, and that swelling is causing the pain. Ice, take it easy, take some nsaids such as aleve or ibuprofen.

How to Treat a Sprain on a Dog?

So, you find that your dog has sprained something and you don't know what to do. If you want to know how, please read down.

Did I sprain my wrist?

You should go to the hospital and get it X-rayed. The doctors will be able to tell you what's wrong.

Dog Sprain Symptoms?

A dog's sprained leg or foot is the result of a hyper extension or damage to a joint ligament that resulted from unnatural movement or extreme force. There are different degrees of sprain severity ... Read More »