Did I sprain my wrist/hand?

Answer Yes, it sounds like a sprain of the wrist.

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Did I sprain something?

It could b sprained but it wouldnt be a serious one since you can still walk :) you should just rest it and ice it, you dont want to hurt it anymore. If it is still bothering you in few weeks or i... Read More »

Is it possible to sprain your meniscus?

You are right. Ligaments can be sprained and muscles can be strained, but a meniscus can only be torn.

How to sprain knee?

It hurts really bad, just BTW. Mine is currently grade 2 sprained and I have an immobilizer and crutches for 2 weeks. Just do what I did: Do a stag leap in dance class and land on one leg, with tha... Read More »

Did I sprain my wrist?

You should go to the hospital and get it X-rayed. The doctors will be able to tell you what's wrong.