Did I pull a muscle Should I just take it easy all night?

Answer Goodness me, I'm not surprised that you have a dull ache after walking 10 miles per day. You could have pulled a muscle,so yes, you should take some painkillers and rest. If the pain doesn't disapp... Read More »

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Did I pull a muscle Or did I almost pull one?

Yeah you probably mildly pulled it. If you can walk and jump and everything, you'll probably be fine within a week. If it hurts, take pain relievers. Take it easy with the stretches for awhile and ... Read More »

What muscle did I pull?

Last week i had the same feeling except also in my arms. All you need to do is stretch it out and put icy hot pads on it. If you don't stretch it, the muscle will get tighter. It will hurt at first... Read More »

Did I pull my thigh muscle?

Did I pull a muscle How to treat it?

Yes, it sounds like you might have pulled one your thigh muscles, either from the Quadriceps group or the Hamstring group. You can treat a pulled muscle by rest, ice, gentle stretching, mild applic... Read More »