Did I overate today and was it healthy ?

Answer Depending on your calorie budget I don't think you over ate. The ice cream was not healthy and I'm not sure about the macaroons. That's a lot of fruit for breakfast, and even though it's healthy it... Read More »

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My stomach hurts...i think i overate..?

its probably because you didnt eat anything all day. try drinking some ginger ale, lay down with two pillows against your back and put your knees up. and relax. the tummy ache will go away lol

Did I eat healthy today?

hell yeah the guy above me is a douche he says that on everyones question but thats great food for the day just keep eating like that to shed some punds bro

So did I eat healthy today?

That's the healthiest diet I've ever seen.

Will i eat healthy today?

ur n ot fat im the same hight as you and weight !!! darling you are fine just the way you are cuz what you call fat is mostly muscle and the rest is just baby fat.