Did I kill my mouse by giving it a bath?

Answer Errr, if you completely immersed it in water it might be dead. It's best to open it up and clean it if you have to! As long as it's definitely dry you should be alright to use it but it's 50/50 i... Read More »

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Which works better for you, Bush giving you a bath or Agelina Jolie giving you a tatoo?

I will take a pass on either of them.I can wash myself, (been doing it for as long as I can remember, and I think I got it "right" after all these years now)...I dont need a tatoo, because I dont l... Read More »

How to Have Fun Giving Your Dog a Flea Bath?

It can be easy and fun to give your dog a flea bath as long as you have an outdoor swimming area like a quarry, lake or pond that you and your dog can jump into!

Will a mouse die after giving birth?

Not usually but just like humans they can have complications and die, it is not a common occurrence though.

How long do i wait after using revolution before giving a dog a bath?

Revolution is a prescription-only, topical medicine that can kill or prevent parasites on your dog. The formula is quick-drying, so it is safe to bath your dog two hours after you apply this produc... Read More »