Did I have premenstrual cramps?

Answer I don't think so.Before you get your first period you will feel cramps in your tummy, your boobs will be sore and you'll probably have a headache.(There was something wrong with that hot dog.)

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Do premenstrual symptoms mean I'm pregnant?

No. They are just pre-mentrual symptoms that you are getting before your period. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

How to Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend?

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What does premenstrual syndrome feel like?

The symptoms include both physical symptoms, such as breast tenderness, back pain , abdominal cramps, headache , and changes in appetite; behavioral symptoms such as clumsiness

How to Prevent Premenstrual Symptoms?

During childbearing years, it can be pretty painful going through premenstrual syndrome or PMS every month whether it is dealing with really bad cramps, water retention, becoming irritable, moody o... Read More »