Did I have a mild concussion?

Answer That's not very much detail...

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Do I have a mild concussion ?

If you have any loss of balance in the days to come or if it continues for more than 2 days than YES and don't take part in football until your COMEPLETY OKAY or else you might get second impact si... Read More »

How long does a mild concussion last?

I have a mild concussion and I'm going to Disney World!?

If your mom is a nurse, she should know that a concussion can last up to 2 weeks, but a mild concussion won't last more than a few days. I was in a really bad car crash and the concussion lasted 2 ... Read More »

You are almost ten weeks can it be normal to have some mild lower back pain and mild cramping you have no bleeding at all?

Answer Yes, it is very normal. Tell the doctor and he can tell you how to get rid of it, or mild it.