Did I get electrocuted Please help!?

Answer That happened to me a few years ago. electricity passed through you but there wasn't enough voltage to actually harm your body. don't worry about it. there is no long term damage done to your body ... Read More »

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Have i electrocuted myself?

Are you sure you are 21 and not12? Electrocution means injury or death. You seem to be neither.

Can you get electrocuted on the second floor?

It is possible to get electrocuted anywhere there is electricity.

Sometimes my heart gets a little electrocuted What does this mean?

Hi.Mine does that too. I've been told it's this...…

Can you get electrocuted from a cell phone?

According to Broderick Perkins of, you cannot get electrocuted simply by using a cell phone, whether or not it is plugged into an outlet. However, cell-phone batteries can explode or c... Read More »